Cast Iron Enameling


Porcelain coated cast iron products can be passed down for generations and still look and act good as new. Porcelain enameling significantly enhances cast iron's inherent durability and introduces abrasion and wear-resistance properties that are unique to porcelain glazes. Cast iron enameling benefits include:

  • Appearance - Porcelain coatings can be formulated to match virtually any color combination and will not fade over time.
  • Rust Resistance - Porcelain coatings provide a water-tight seal that prevents metal oxidation and surface pitting.
  • Temperature Resistance - Porcelain can withstand higher maximum temperatures than PTFE, power coatings, wet paint or metal oxide coatings.
  • Warp Resistance - Porcelain enhances cast iron's natural ability to resist warping caused by extreme temperatures.

Full-Service Cast Iron Enameling

Porcelain Industries provides full-service consultation, including custom coating formulations, to cost-effectively coat products with minimal risk of modifications or rework. We develop a complete understanding of your product's form, fit, and function prior to coating application, and can often identify opportunities to enhance mechanical properties through custom formulations.

We recently developed a proprietary patent-pending process that enables us to apply non-stick sol-gel coatings on cast iron. This process is being used for production of Thermolon coated enameled cast iron cookware under the GreenPan brand in William Sonoma stores.

Enamel was first applied commercially to sheet iron and steel by the Austrians and Germans in late 19th century.