Services & Capabilites

Coating Services

For over 50 years, Porcelain Industries has delivered superior porcelain coatings using the most efficient, cost-effective manufacturing processes. Every step of our manufacturing process is tailored to meet your unique design requirements and specifications.

Our approach allows us to identify opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs on an individual project basis. For example, our in-house chemists can formulate specialized coatings to produce specific physical characteristics at the lowest possible cost.

Porcelain Industries Offers:

  • Durable, high-temperature porcelain coatings for steel and cast iron
  • Low-temperature nonstick coatings for any metal substrate
  • Custom formulated coatings
  • 125,000 square foot production facility with 50,000 square foot warehousing area
  • A dedicated team of engineers, chemists, designers, technicians and manufacturing operators
  • Large inventory of enameling and sol0gel materials to customize to your needs
  • Just-in-time US order fulfillment with substrate sourcing in Asia and part finishing in the US
  • Product design, prototyping and scale up services
  • Full service supply chain management and IT infrastructure

Coating Services

We can meet any high temperature coating need, from matching predetermined coating specifications to developing in-house formulations.

Ancillary Services

We offer a wide variety of value-added services to support our coating services.