Cookware Coatings

Cookware Coatings

Consumers searching for a high performance, premium finish often find that porcelain enameled cookware provides some of the most durable and highest quality household cooking products on the market. Unique characteristics like hardness and abrasion resistance means porcelain enameling can be easily cleaned, is resistant to bacteria and can stand up to high-temperature environments.

Porcelain industries applies specially formulated coatings to create cookware products with a long-lasting, high performance porcelain finish.

We also produce sol-gel ceramic coatings for multiple applications, including the innovative Thermolon, an environmentally-friendly liquid mineral coating material that is 100% PTFE-free, does not produce toxic gas when heated and emits up to 60% less CO2 emissions than traditional non-stick surfaces.

Porcelain Industries provides porcelain and sol-gel coatings for multiple cookware applications, including:

  • Cast Iron Cookware
  • Steel Cookware
  • Aluminum cookware
  • Bakeware

Benefits of Porcelain Coatings - Cookware

At Porcelain Industries, we offer more than just porcelain enameling services. In addition to our cast-iron and steel substrate application processes, we offer full-service design consultation to help you produce a highly durable, cost-effectively coated cookware product without modifications or rework.

Additional benefits of porcelain enameled cookware:

  • Quality aesthetics
  • Resistance to corrosion - Washing
  • Resistance to acid present in foods
  • Therrmal shock and scratch resistance
  • Color fastness
Stoneware will eventually deteorirate with time and temperature whereas porcelain will last for generations.