Appliance Coatings


Appliances have very specific requirements in terms of the properties needed in their Thermolon and porcelain coatings. These requirements include high durability and functionality in extreme settings, so the ability of porcelain enameling to reduce oxidation of base metals is vital to ensuring appliance durability and longevity.

Porcelain Industries provides porcelain coatings for steel and cast-iron appliance components, including:

  • Ranges and Ovens -  Cook tops, oven cavities, top grates, burners, burner caps and burner bowls
  • BBQ Grills
  • Water Heaters - Tank liner, flue liner 
  • Washers & Dryers - Tops and lids for both washer and dryer units

Benefits of Porcelain Coatings - Steel and Cast-Iron Appliances

Steel is the most widely used metal in making appliance components and Porcelain Industries steel coatings provide top-level elemental resistance, including prolonged temperature and spall resistance up to 370° C.

For example, porcelain enameled BBQ grills provide exceptional resistance to corrosion and abrasion, improved cleanability (with a wire brush in most cases), high-temperature resistance and a visual appeal finish.

We also provide coating for a number of cast iron components that are acid resistant, thermal shock resistant and maintain prolonged temperature resistance up to 650° C.

Additional benefits of porcelain-coated appliances:

  • Color matching properties are available for both steel and cast iron coatings
  • Color fastness
  • Abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Corrosion (due to water) and alkali resistant
  • Permanent lettering for washer and dryer instructions
  • Solid quence resistance and aesthetics (matte finish) for top grates
Porcelain enameling is used to reinforce blackboards or whiteboards with chemical resistance properties that help resist unerasable marks.