Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings

The highly resistant qualities found in porcelain coatings are what make them ideal for industrial usages.  Porcelain Industries’ industrial coatings are high-performance and have superior endurance.  These coatings have a low life-cycle cost, which increases the cost-efficiency of industrial equipment utilizing porcelain coatings over all.

When fabricating industrial components, Porcelain Industries also has the capabilities to sub-assemble units for direct shipments to the field.

Porcelain Industries provides porcelain coatings for industrial applications, including:

  • Heat exchanger plates
  • Industrial ovens
  • Air heaters
  • Pump bowls
  • Thread guides
  • Agriculture storage

Benefits of Porcelain Coatings - Industrial Applications

At Porcelain Industries, we specially design our coatings to meet the needs of each individual client, regardless of the industrial usage. Our coatings are resistant to abrasion (due to ash), moisture and acid, as well as a high temperature tolerance.

Additional benefits of porcelain enameled industrial applications:

  • Heat resistance
  • Corrosion resistance (sulfuric acid)
  • Acid resistance from grains
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Improved cleanability
The world's first porcelain enamel house was built in Cleveland, Ohio in 1932 by the Ferro Corporation as an experimental model home.