Steel Coatings


Porcelain enamel on steel is a cost-effective way to create long-lasting surfaces that will not oxidize or fade under high temperature or harsh weather conditions. Porcelain is often used to enhance the mechanical properties of steel substrates, especially low carbon steel, often exceeding the performance of more expensive metal substrates. Steel enameling benefits include:

  • Appearance - Produce a wide variety of color combinations that will not fade, peel or blister.
  • Nonporous - Porcelain helps reduce the risk of contaminants reaching the actual metal substrate.
  • Rust Resistance - Porcelain coatings provide a water-tight seal that prevents metal oxidation and surface pitting.
  • Temperature Resistance - Porcelain can withstand higher maximum temperatures than PTFE, power coatings, wet paint or metal oxide coatings.
  • Warp Resistance - Porcelain enhances cast iron's natural ability to resist warping caused by extreme temperatures.
  • Maintenance-free - Porcelain does not require maintenance and can be washed repeatedly without affecting performance.

Full-Service Steel Enameling

At Porcelain Industries, we understand that your steel product requires unique thicknesses, colors, finishes, thermal qualities and more. As a full service steel enameling service provider, we can help you identify ways to enhance product performance and reduce manufacturing costs through custom formulation and value-added services.

We specialize in tailoring porcelain steel coatings to meet specific requirements for strength, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. Our product hanging capabilities allow us to accomodate larger sizes such as steel sheets and more.

Stoneware will eventually deteriorate with time and temperature whereas porcelain will last for generations.