Coating Services

Coating Services

Porcelain Industries specializes in turnkey solutions that enhance the functional performance and value of coated surfaces, regardless of substrate. While we are globally recognized for our superior porcelain coating services, we have recently expanded our capabilities to include Thermolon Sol-Gel nonstick coatings, a 100% PFTE-free non-stick technology.

The Science

Our in-house chemists can help you identify the optimal chemistry and coating for your specific coating application, as well as determine the most efficient application method (automatic or manual). Custom coating formulations allow us to produce specific coating properties at significantly reduced manufacturing costs.

We can also evaluate new or existing coated products to overcome surface problems such as corrosion, adhesion, and abrasion. Our porcelain and Sol-Gel coating engineers offer expert consultation on heat-related metal surface finishing applications such as those found in appliances, cookware and industrial applications.

Coating Service Capabilities

  • In-house laboratory for custom coating formulations
  • Ability to coat any metal substrate
  • Low-temperature, nonstick coatings
  • High-temperature, abrasion-resistant coatings for steel and cast iron
  • Product design and prototyping

Technical Capabilities

  • Two gas fired continuous furnaces
  • One 3.7 meter electric intermittent furnace
  • Four process lines and six grit blast machines for cast iron
  • Four process lines for steel
  • Two process lines with continuous 6-stage dual tunnel washer for steel
  • Dedicated coating line for Thermolon non-stick coatings
  • KMI gas fired enameling furnace configured for either powder or wet application capable of firing 11 metric tonnes per hour (inclusive of tooling)
  • 6 stage tunnel washer
  • Fully capable mill room dedicated to the custom preparation of wet enamel slips (used for specialty colors)
  • Two complete Nordson 528 powder coating booths can be added for application of 2-coat-1-fire porcelain enamel
The term "porcelain" originated from the French "porcelaine" and Italian "porcellana."