Porcelain Coatings

Porcelain Coatings

From outdoor BBQ grills that are highly resistant to the elements to cooktops and home appliances that maintain longevity, versatility and exceptional quality - our calling is superior porcelain coatings. Since 1956, we've worked with clients to improve the performance, extend the usefulness and enhance the appearance of cast iron and steel products and their vital components.

Through a dedicated consultation and analysis process, we identify the ideal substrate, coating and production requirements to create high quality, custom coating formulations that meet your unique requirements at the lowest cost possible.

Porcelain Industries Coating Capabilities: 

  • In-house laboratory for custom cast iron and high temperature steel coating formulations with minimal risk of modifications or rework.
  • Fully integrated steel and cast iron substrate application processes, including the selection of the enamel frit from more than 50 minerals to achieve product properties to spec.
  • Enameled steel components for ranges, ovens, cook tops (hobs), BBQ wire grills and heat exchanger plates.
  • Enameled cast iron coatings for single grates, double grates, cookware, caps and trivets.
  • Four process lines and six grit-blast machines for steel and cast iron applications, including a 6-stage tunnel washer.

Porcelain Enameling 101

The science of porcelain coatings - Achieving the right color, texture, and thermal qualities for a durable, versatile product.

Cast Iron Coatings

We offer full-service product consultation to meet the unique coating requirements of cast iron applications - from concept to finish.

High Temperature Steel Coatings

PI creates custom steel coating formulations to achieve your highest performance characteristics at the lowest cost possible.