Industries Served


The industries that require components with specialty porcelain and heat-resistant coatings are extensive and varied. Porcelain Industries has experience providing coating solutions for a wide-range of these industries.  We customize our coatings based on specific requirements for each industry and client, including (but not limited to) the appliance, industrial, recreational vehicle and outdoor grill industries.

We work with top brand names in consumer products to provide superior porcelain coatings  - from agricultural products to heat exchange equipment, industrial parts, and many more - that lower costs and improve performance by extending metal life and increasing value.

PI has extensive experience developing custom porcelain formulations for three primary applications:


We provide versatile steel enameled coatings for a wide range of home appliance applications, including stove parts, top grates and cook tops. We also provide enamel coatings for wire grids for the BBQ Industry.


Porcelain Industries has provided element and heat exchanger coatings for the power generation, refining and process industry for more than 50 years.


Porcelain Industries has pioneered the process of producing non-stick cast iron cookware. We apply specialy-formulated coatings such as enamel and non-stick Thermolon to cast iron cookware to provide superior aesthetics, thermal and non-stick properties.